Decorative Concrete Coating - A Cost Control Method

Published: 15th May 2009
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Concrete is made from cement, gravel, sand, lime, water, and other aggregates is durable and last long. It improves the strength of the structure. Concrete is more popular because it can withstand wear and tear due to extensive use. However, because of aging, concrete is prone to cracking, peeling, and gets eroded and degenerated. When the water gets evaporated in the concrete, it creates gaps, voids, and cracks in the structure built. A decorative concrete coating can save you from such problems.

Problems occurred due to aging of concrete can be solved by using decorative concrete coatings like Quartzdek. Without actually removing or replacing, cracking, peeling off, problems can be rectified by the process called resurfacing.


Resurfacing process saves labor, money, and time. Concrete roads can be given new appearance by the resurfacing technique in less time. If the homeowner wants to repair patios, basement floor, and garage floor then he can choose resurfacing method. Resurfacing materials, manufactured with new technology, are offering durable, crack filling, and stain resistant. Thin resurfacing can add beauty to the flooring with new decorative concrete coatings like Quartzdek. Resurfacing concrete able to imitate marble, terracotta stain, and stenciled. And most important thing is it can be within our budget.

How to do it on your Own

Resurfacing a patio or basement floor or garage floor is easy and doesn't require any special skills. Let's see the steps involved in the process:

- Select the area and measure it to know how much concrete and other materials required.
- Concrete mix needed for resurfacing should contain Portland cement, sand, and other aggregates in a proper proportion.
- Paste duct tape or any material to the area that do not require resurfacing and it is done to keep the area clean.
- Wet the area to be resurfaced. However, care is to be taken to avoid standing of water.
- Shovel the concrete and spread it with masonry towel. Make the resurfacing smooth by running concrete float on it. This is done when it is wet.
- If you want slip resistant run a broom over it.
- For finishing, a durable decorative concrete coating is chosen. Moreover, in today's market only Quartzdek serves the purpose.

Quartzdek - An Efficient and Maintenance Free Concrete Coating

Whenever you think of decorative concrete coatings, nothing could be an apt choice other than Quartzdek. Prepared with quality resins and quartz mixture, this is an efficient decorative coating and colorfast material with many benefits like anti slippery, water resistant, and, and easy to clean. It does not require any painting material. In the market, innumerable decorative coatings are available but nothing can be compared to Quartzdek.

Quartzdek is the best among decorative coatings for concrete, wood or any kind of flooring. Most ideal for decorative concrete coatings.

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