Pool Deck Coating - How To Pick The Best Option In Coating Your Pool Deck

Published: 15th May 2009
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If there's one thing that won't look after itself, it's your pool deck. Like most things in life, it too needs your constant supervision. When that fails, your swimming pool is damaged and needs repairs. This is the time you should go in for pool deck coating.

There are a number of products in the category of swimming pool deck coating, but you want your pool to be coated with a slip-resistant decorative concrete coating surface that's the last word in quality. It should be safe under your feet and must be able to weather the harsh sun, rain, cold and be mold- and mildew-resistant.

Before you speak to your installer, decide how you want your pool deck to look and then find a matching product that will work for you, year after year.

Pool deck coating techniques: Your pool deck coating professional's first job is to create a pool deck that will last almost forever. He has several options:

- Texture-deck finish: True, these will answer your problems of weather challenges and durability. This technique emphasizes on safety by adding non-slip material to the coating mixture.

A cement mix and a liquid resin are combined together and sprayed on a concrete surface, the bumps smoothened out and left to set and dry. You can also add interesting colors to the surface. The deck is then painted with a surface coating to protect the concrete and keep it cool underfoot.

- Stamped concrete finish: Here, your installer pours wet concrete into a patterned stamping plate. The pattern is then created all over its surface. It also has the quality of being anti-slip while also being pleasing to the eye and weather-resistant.

- Protective coating and sealer: Swimming pool deck coating, when left ignored, is exposed to the harsh sun, rain and cold, and eventually, its surface can even crack. Its surface is often stained with spilled drinks, suntan oil and food.

If the deck is left wet, it can be slippery, while water remaining for long on the surface can lead to mildew formation. But as an owner of a home swimming pool, you can take better care of your pool by applying a good protective coating or sealer.

- Swimming pool concrete coating: If you want your pool deck to look and act its best for years and years, you need to invest in it. You need to use quartzdek, a decorative coating product for just about any surface-even wood. And once you use this, it will keep your pool deck looking new, slip-resistant, crack-resistant and low maintenance. It's the best solution in the market today, so why should you shy away from using the best?

Quartzdek is the best among decorative coatings for concrete, wood or any kind of flooring. Most ideal for pool deck coating.

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