Why Cool Deck May Not Be That Cool

Published: 15th May 2009
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Perhaps you experience very hot summers when everything you touch is super hot. Even your patio, driveway, pool deck... you name it. So, how do you walk barefoot on your hot pool deck?

And if you thought pool decks are entirely safe, think again, because they could crack under extremely hot weather and, in that state, could turn very dangerous. In the rainy weather, they become slippery and slick and cause falls. To prevent this, cool decks were invented to reduce the heat on all walkways, roads and surfaces exposed to the elements.

Then along came a product known as Cool Deck. If your pool deck surface has a strong concrete base, it is topped over with Cool Deck to lower the heat contained in the exterior surface. It can be customized in terms of your color preference or texture pattern and can guard you against slipping. It may be durable, stain proof and waterproof, but it still expects some maintenance from you.

Another disadvantage of Cool Deck is that it is pigmented for color, and anything with a pigment fades. Because the color fades, if the deck chips or cracks, it cannot be nicely repaired since the repaired section will not match seamlessly with the rest of the deck.

Replacing your deck-how to go about it: If you've got a cracking, fading or peeling deck, you'll have to fill the cracks or go in for major repairs. Alternatively, you could speak to a professional and have him advise you on the best treatment for your pool deck.

He could advise you to go in for the best product in the market today-Quartzdek, manufactured in Gainesville and Florida, USA. Why?

Since Quartzdek is colored quartz, the color never fades. If the deck chips or cracks, Quartzdek can be repaired and the color will look exactly the same as if the deck had never chipped nor cracked; and the color is guaranteed for 10 years by Surface MD.

This product has all the qualities of a heat, rain, cold and mildew resistant product, which makes it an all-weather product. It's also protects you from slipping and having a fall, is extremely low on maintenance, and is extremely resilient.

Besides, it is crack-proof and in the rare event that a crack does surface, it will mask the crack with great expertise. No wonder, people all over the world see it as a reliable and efficient product-a silent but hardworking product that does the job to perfection. Not in a long time has the world come across a revolutionary coating product as good as Quartzdek.

Quartzdek is the best among decorative coatings for concrete, wood or any kind of flooring. Most ideal for pool deck resurfacing.

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